Monday 14 September 2009

"I guess I'll write a letter I'd like to recieve-

19 Aug 09.

Dear _____________,

The publisher is happy to inform you that the arrangements for your next contract, (illustrating a book about India) have all been made - we will send a copy for you to sign and a PIN number for your expense account. Of course we are aware that you like to travel alone and find your own accomodation but please be our guest in Mumbai at the Taj holel in Colata when you meet our associates in January.
Publication is planned for early 2011.

Your most recent book,
the collection of short stories "Mr Bumblebee
Falls to his Death" has
been shipped with an
initial run of 50,000
copies. The book will
be prominently displayed
in all towns and
cities where
your ex-boyfriends & ex-husband are known
to reside, and we assure you that every one
of them will see it and think - "___________!
I always knew she was smarter than me."

Again a hearty handshake and
we look forward to your new work. You
can quit your day job!

The Publisher

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