Monday 14 September 2009

"I just thought you should know..."


I dreamt last night that you were my father. It was a surprise for both of us. You were shocked, but took responsibility. You took me in as your child. As the dream progressed, I was in a room full of people, it was a party, people were dancing in a circle. Quite tribal, when you think about it. Then suddenly, I felt this arm around me, the feeling of enormous love surrounding me. It was you. Taking me in as your child. And it was this strange energetic feeling of love which only appear in dreams, and when you wake up, it follows you around. It meant something. Your influence touching me, as if it was real. You are real. You exist.
But because we are strangers to each other in real life and hardly ever met, I wonder how this dream can mean so much?
But as I see it, you are my spiritual father who took me in as your child. I'm not alone.
I just thought you should know.


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